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Thai Restaurant Leverages Push Messaging on Their Mobile App

Hataya Math is the owner of a Thai restaurant named Ocean Thai Cuisine. She wanted a way to engage the restaurant’s customers outside of their traditional email marketing campaigns. With two locations in California, Ocean Thai Cuisine serves some of the best Thai and Asian food in the area. Hataya decided to build a mobile app with Total Loyalty Solutions and leverage push notifications to generate repeat business to the restaurant. 

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The restaurant’s custom mobile app enables their customers to view the menu, consult with the catering department and order a meal for carryout. Then, Ocean Thai Cuisine uses push messages to highlight specials and events to drive their loyal customers back into the restaurant.

“Our restaurant’s push notifications bring customers through our doors. Then, our app’s punch card brings customers back for additional visits. In fact, we’ve had over 1,000 visits generated by the app in just a few months!”
– Hataya Math, Owner, Ocean Thai Cuisine

According to Oracle, “Marketers witness 50 percent higher open rates on push notifications versus email, with click-through rates up to twice as high as well.” As a result, Ocean Thai Cuisine’s push notifications have been extremely valuable and have helped drive thousands of additional visits into their restaurant. Since the app has launched, Ocean Thai Cuisine has had an increase in the number of guests. Therefore we can conclude that everyone wins when old-world, authentic Thai food meets new age technology.

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