Custom Apps

Put Total Loyalty Solutions To Work For You

Over 3,000 businesses nationwide connect with their customers through their branded mobile app

Features Your Customers Will Love

Uncover the ways to connect with your customers and engage them with your business day in and day out. But the best part is that we set it up for you. Everything about your business and the features that make it unique will be in your app and more importantly at your customers’ fingertips.

Keep your customers informed

Push Notifications

Send messages about specials, offers, or exciting news! Timely push notifications are a fantastic tool to connect with customers and drive them back through your door.

Specials and Events

Keep your fans informed about daily specials, entertainment, wine tastings, holiday parties and more. At a glance, they can see why your business is the place to be!

Give incentives to bring them back

Custom Loyalty Programs

Bring customers back more often and create loyal regulars with customizable reward cards. You set the parameters and control the whole process, all without using paper cards and an old-fashioned hole puncher.

Exclusive Coupons

Studies show that mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than traditional cut-out coupons. Your customers will love the convenience and you’ll love the way it boosts your revenue.

Convenient Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Are your customers having trouble getting through to place an order? Tired of little communication mistakes that cause big headaches? Online ordering makes it easy for your customers to tap and get exactly what they want without tying up your phone or your staff.


Modify your menu – instantly! Whether you’re adding a seasonal dish, adjusting your pricing or 86ing cannoli, changing your menu is simple. A lot simpler than explaining why you’re out of cannoli, certainly.

Connect to Web Services

Reservations & Bookings

Make it easy for your customers by linking to your existing external websites for reservations and appointment bookings. With just a few taps, they’re on their way to setting up their visit to your business.

Online Waiver

Link to forms for clients and customers to fill out, keeping everyone safe (and the lawyers at home). It’s the perfect feature for businesses where patrons bounce, jump, shoot, swing or climb.

Show them why you're unique


Whether they’re in search of a specific service or just want to browse for options, show your customers all you have to offer. Include everything from pampering spa packages to the products you use to create your magic.


Let your customers know that you have the right gear to kick their experience to the next level. Include rental rates, sizing and other parameters to give your fans all the information they need to get primed for a great time!


From pictures of your store, staff and specials to how-to videos, our Gallery feature gives customers a peek into what makes your business fun and unique.

Get valuable feedback

Suggestion Box

Your customers’ feedback is the best gauge of how your business is doing. When they can suggest ideas or send complaints to you directly, you can sidestep potentially embarrassing reviews on social media. Plus, it gives you another chance to give great customer service by communicating with your patrons personally.

One app on Two platforms

Our team will design your app for both Apple and Android mobile devices so you’re sure to have as broad a reach as possible.

We like integration

Our team can integrate your app with social media sites, reservation sites, games, and your website, making it a flawless extension of your online presence.

Boost Your App's Success

Stay aware of your app with our easy-to-use tools

Easily Update Your App

Modify your app content with our user-friendly content management system. Need to add or remove an item from your menu? Change a price? Post a daily special? It all happens instantly.

Track Your Performance

Your Coach will provide regular reporting, including but not limited to:

  • Email downloads
  • Total punch card users
  • Total push messages sent

Once your App is live, training and ongoing support are available through your Coach.