Simple Pricing
Made Easy

Menufy charges a flat $1.50 convenience fee that can be set to be covered by the customer or your restaurant. You can also choose an order amount threshold before the fee is absorbed by the restaurant.

Receive your online orders via fax, email, text message, or on Menufy’s wireless receipt printer ($149 refundable deposit) or Menufy’s tablet ($99 refundable deposit).

Promo Codes

Online ordering from Menufy allows you to customize your promo codes, so you’re in control of your discount offers.

It’s not just a great way to build loyalty and encourage bigger orders, it’s also a smart way to determine which advertising channels are working best and where you should concentrate your marketing.

Time/Day Parting
& Group Ordering

If you have separate lunch and dinner menus, you can assign food items to specific times and days. Plus, the system will automatically display a “closed” message outside of normal business hours.

You can also allow groups of customers to order separately but submit all items as one order; every item will have a name with it!

You Own The
Email Addresses

You keep the email addresses of customers who place orders. Now you’re able to engage with them more closely and keep them coming back by extending special offers, telling them about upcoming events, or advertising this week’s specials.

Secure Credit Card

Menufy offers the convenience of saving your customers’ payment information to speed up repeat orders. With industry-standard encryption, your customers can rest assured their payments will always remain secure.

A credit card processing fee of 2.5% + 30¢ is charged per transaction, and payments can be transferred to your bank on either a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily basis.

POS Integration

Clover Point-of-Sale integration!
If you are on a compatible Clover service plan, you can add Menufy directly to your point of sale for easy and direct order notification.

Also, the credit card processing fee does not apply to Clover POS users; Clover POS users instead process the payment using their negotiated rate from Clover.