Email Marketing

Reach the Right Customers at the Perfect Time

Email Features Your Customers Will Love

We make it easy to put your message into the exact inboxes you want. Our email templates make it simple to build your own branded promo. Then, let our Targeted Campaign Automation do the rest!

Automated Email Campaigns

Send emails strategically based on customer profiles and subscriber activity such as email opens and link clicks. You’ll see what kind of messages your recipients respond to and the best time to send them.

Customer Profiles

Gather the information given in response to your customizable Welcome Emails to create personalized customer profiles. Valuable data such as birthday and anniversary dates, ZIP Codes, or a customer’s preferred location among multi-unit businesses will give further insight to create hyper-focused email campaigns.

Reporting & Analytics

Discover what content is working best and tailor future email sends according to the data and analytics reports. Track your campaign’s performance in real-time based on how many subscribers are opening and clicking links within your mailings. Best of all, it’s easily accessible at any time, so you can adjust your messaging on the fly.

Targeted Campaigns

Send specific campaigns to your fans based on their customer profiles and promote directly to their tastes. We can also target all the subscribers who clicked on your social media links in order to cross-promote your loyalty and E-commerce programs.

Subject Line A/B Testing

Improve your email open rates by temporarily presenting two different subject lines. We then gauge response rates to see which option is better received. This audience testing gives you immediate, valuable results to hone your messaging.

Unlimited Sends

Send as many emails as you like per month for up to 10,000 subscribers. You’ll stay in their inbox and on their mind, encouraging more customer engagements with your business.

Email Marketing Features | Total Loyalty Solutions
We Help You Capture New Subscribers

As a new TLS customer, we’ll start you off with the tools you need to encourage customer engagement. All materials are designed by TLS to match your brand and promote signing up for your email list. We’ll supply you with sign-up forms and a collection box. You’ll also have the option to order posters, window clings, check stuffers, menu inserts, flyers, and stickers. More materials can be supplied to you at any time.

Support When You Need It

You’re never without our help. Whether you want a lot of support or only a little, just call and our customer service coaches will assist you every step of the way.