Simple Pricing
Made Easy

No hidden costs. Zuppler offers a premium client experience that includes excellent customer support, marketing service and professional account management. Flexible payment options are based on your online ordering volume.

Promo Codes

Online ordering from Zuppler allows you to customize your promo codes, so you’re in control of your discount offers.

It’s not just a great way to build loyalty and encourage bigger orders, it’s also a smart way to determine which advertising channels are working best and where you should concentrate your marketing.

Order Throttling
& Fulfillment Timing

Throttle, or limit, the number of orders you receive during a given time period, keeping your kitchen from going under. Plus, you can control your fulfillment timing when things get hectic. Give your customers a more accurate pick-up or delivery time, ensuring they get the freshest possible product without the frustration of waiting too long.

You Own The
Email Addresses

You keep the email addresses of customers who place orders. Now you’re able to engage with them more closely and keep them coming back by extending special offers, telling them about upcoming events, or advertising this week’s specials.

Big Orders Are
No Problem!

If you offer catering, customers can place their order on your page, giving them yet another incentive to turn to your restaurant.

POS Integration

Zuppler integrates with the industry’s leading POS systems so orders generated online from your website and mobile app flow directly into your POS system for order acceptance and management.

Credit card fees do apply at 2.75% + $0.25 per credit card transaction. Additional charges for POS integration and hardware may apply.