How Businesses Have Benefited

How Businesses Have Benefited

Businesses across the country are having great success partnering with Total Loyalty Solutions. Read what they have to say, then click their logo to download and try it out for yourself!

"We’ve had over 2,000 orders in the last few months from online orders alone. We’re very proud of that, especially being located in a town with a population just under 4,000. To me, that shows that were offering something that our customers definitely appreciate."

"The app has many features that improve our business. For starters, it builds loyalty. We have also been able to collect over 2,000 email addresses through the app alone. This means that not only can we re-target our customers through push notifications, but we can engage them further through email. The online ordering platform makes it super easy for customers to place to-go orders. As our app downloads go up, our online sales go up. Our ticket average on those orders has increased also. I highly recommend."

"The TLS team have been exceptional to work with and very attentive to detail. We get hundreds of email sign ups a week and hundreds of coupon redemptions every month. It’s so easy for our customers to sign up and stay connected!. I’ve tested many others, but nothing beats TLS. I love them!"

"We’ve had the Brixx app in Woodbridge for a little over a year and the impact has been substantial. Plus, every time someone signs up, we capture their email. When our draft beer system temporarily malfunctioned midweek, a false rumor circulated that we were closed for repairs, adversely affecting our business. To counteract this situation, we used the app to offer our Monday draft special on Thursday, sending out a push message plus emails. Our bar was incredibly busy all day that Thursday with the common comment, “I got your message and I’m here to drink your beer!"

"Total Loyalty Solutions offers a variety of services that work perfectly for our business. Our emails tend to announce special events, featured menus and charity drives. We are beyond pleased with TLS customer service and our marketing results."

"Our mobile app has increased traffic and sales at all of our salons as well as views to our website. We’re able to reach our customers with the click of a button. This has had a tremendous positive effect on the business. TLS is one of the smartest investments that we’ve made for our business."

"My team was blown away with the product and I have instituted our app at two more locations. I show our app to every customer who visits our business."

"Total Loyalty is like having a personal marketing assistant. We definitely see an increase in sales volume when doing a promo. TLS is cutting edge up to date technology, and simplicity of use!"

"Total Loyalty Solutions is a great marketing tool that helps us retain regulars and get new customers. And it's very easy to implement with the best marketing coaches!"

"Total Loyalty Solutions seamlessly maintains and builds our email database, creating monthly emails with minimal input and edits on our part. We see spikes in our hotel reservations each time an email is sent. I have total confidence in the way TLS takes care of our customers and our database."

"Total Loyalty Solutions is affordable for a small business struggling to compete with big box retail stores and their large advertising budgets."

"We have received increased calls as well as traffic from new customers. We receive a lot of coupon redemptions and it definitely positively impacts our sales percentages. We love working with Total Loyalty!"

"Total Loyalty Solutions is the primary source of advertising and marketing for our business. It has been the most cost-effective advertising tool we’ve used in our 30 years. We consider the representatives that we have had an integral part of our El Serrano family!"

"TLS plays a vital role in our marketing strategies and campaigns. Our loyal customers wait for our monthly emails, and our increase in sales prove it."

"Everyone talks about how connected consumers are to their phones and email, but it's absolutely true. A major component of keeping our customers loyal is providing the convenience of mobile ordering and engaging with them through email and push notifications. The app we had made for Louie & Johnnie's has made connecting with our customers easy and rewarding. Our customers love it and so do we."

"TLS Email Marketing gives us a way to deliver relevant content that drives brand awareness, engagement – and ultimately – sales. Communication is always prompt and the knowledgeable staff assists us in reaching our strategic email marketing goals."

"Every time we send a push notification we see increased phone calls and appointments generated based on the current promotion. It allows us to promote the items that a customer might need based on seasons or holidays. The success coach we work with has done an excellent job of advising us on things we can or should promote. The app is an awesome tool which allows us to enhance our customers’ overall experience with our business. The service we receive from the Total Loyalty coaching team allows us to make our service even better."

"The App, yeah everybody’s on their phones now! So you can be in front of someone on their most prized possession with your logo right in front of their face, 24/7. And have your entire restaurant, your website, everything in the palm of their hand. It’s a no brainer when it comes to reaching your customers, maintaining new loyalty, and keeping them in the loop. It’s just crucial these days of social media."

"I have had such an amazing experience working with Total Loyalty Solutions, especially the coaches. They are extremely responsive and helpful. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to work with them. The whole team has helped our business grow tremendously."

"We’re pleased with the growth we have seen in new app downloads and the rate of redemption by our app users. Through the mobile app, we have many return customers that shop frequently to receive rewards. Our customers rely on the app for added savings."

"When I call TLS asking for assistance with updates, or any of the technical aspects of making changes to my app, I’m overwhelmed by the customer service. The business that you guys do and the customer service you provide is spectacular, there have been times when I’ve been on the phone with them and I literally give them a specific list of things I would like to do and stuff to do and it will be done before were off the phone, and I’m not talking about a small list!"

"Total Loyalty Solutions is very easy to work with and very efficient. We reach a huge audience through email marketing."

"Having a mobile loyalty App for European Street Cafe has been one of the best investments that we’ve made. We're seeing our customers return much more frequently, often mentioning the push notifications we send out - and online orders have gone way up over the past year particularly."

"We use TLS on a daily basis and love it! Customer service is outstanding. When I have a question they get back very fast. Our app's push notifications and frequency discounts helped us get over 3,500 downloads in a short period of time."

"We used to have a very bad website: going now instead with Total Loyalty Solutions, they’ve been very creative, supportive and are there to help at all times."

"Total Loyalty Solutions always responds in a timely manner to any questions or special project requests. They have the ability to take our ideas and bring them to life quickly and efficiently. Our email campaigns created by TLS save us time and money – and most importantly – create consistent and trackable revenue. We are always confident that our email campaigns will be slick, professional and attention-grabbing. We highly recommend Totally Loyalty Solutions."

"We are excited to reward our loyal customers and give them another reason to come back via our new mobile app. This cost-effective app has allowed us to enter the mobile marketing space as an independent pizzeria. The Total Loyalty Team provides us the knowledge and skills we need to compete in this space and drive our business forward."

"We were looking for a good, customer-friendly loyalty program – TLS loyalty programs have helped drive traffic and increase sales."

"TLS has made our site customer friendly and adaptable to change. Since getting our website, we’ve received compliments on our customer satisfaction, and our revenue increased!"

"A challenge that my business used to have was just getting new clientele into my salon – TLS marketing has been awesome! Now we have continual growth and clients returning."