Restaurant Average Order Values


2018 Restaurant Online Ordering Benchmarking

Total Loyalty Solutions powers online ordering for millions of online ordering transactions at hundreds of restaurants each month. So we anonymized the data and calculated the average online ordering values for each category of restaurant.

The data represents over $20 million worth of online transactions. Revealing the AOV for each restaurant category provides restaurant marketers valuable insights to help measure their restaurant’s performance versus industry averages.

Average Order Value

We only tracked restaurant online ordering websites that had a material number of subscribers, but these statistics aren’t pulled from   a giant corporations like Dominos Pizza and Starbucks. Total Loyalty’s customers range from small independent restaurants to regional chains with 40 locations, so the whole spectrum is represented in these benchmarks. Here’s your comparison to how other categories do with online ordering.

Average Order Value by Restaurant Category

Last Update: May 2018


Restaurant Average Online Ordering Values
American $25.67 Indian $44.79
Asian $39.16 Irish $25.18
BBQ $30.84 Italian $35.93
Bagel/Donut $21.34 Mexican $29.74
Bar & Grill $35.15 Pizza $30.62
Breakfast $26.43 Salad $20.40
Buffett $24.77 Seafood $34.13
Café $26.90 Smoothie $13.95
Deli $30.63 Specialty $31.12
Diner $32.68 Steakhouse $30.21
Dessert $23.13 Sushi $40.37
Doughnut $31.51 Tavern $28.74
Greek $35.16 Thai $45.40

There is a strong correlation between increasing a restaurant’s average order value and  an increase in profit. At the end of the day,  Restaurateurs should care about average check prices and work to increase them.