Success Stories

Consignment store doubles sales at Fall Fest event

Mommy’s Lil’ Rascals is a consignment store in Manchester, PA that sells gently used home décor, furniture and children, teens, men’s and women’s clothing. In October, Mommy’s Lil Rascals hosted a Fall Fest Sales Event and wanted a way to retain new customers and drive existing customers into the store.

How they did it

Total Loyalty Solutions built a custom app that featured an exclusive download offer, a loyalty punch card program and modules that promoted events, sales and unadvertised specials. Mommy’s Lil’ Rascals was able to use the mobile app to engage their customers with strategic promotions. Total Loyalty’s coaching team worked with Mommy’s Lil’ Rascals to design and print promotional material that would promote the retail store’s mobile app.








233 downloads in 24 hours

The fun started when Mommy’s Lil’ Rascals promoted their new loyalty app through social media channels and received 223 downloads in the first 24 hours. Employees were entered into a competition and promoted the new mobile app through social media and by texting to generate the most downloads. Over 400 customers took a business card promoting the app. As result of the new mobile app and store promotions, Mommy’s Lil’ Rascals doubled their sales during the Fall Fest Sales Event! 

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