Utilize your Loyalty Features!

Loyalty Programs are ranked one of 4 Technology Must-Haves to Improve Your Business by Restaurant Technology News and they come at no additional cost within your TLS App & Email program(s). TLS App Rewards: Reward your loyal customers by offering digital punch cards. Customers keep tabs on their phones, so having rewards from your business [Read More…]

Let’s Plan Your June Campaign

Utilize your TLS Program(s) to connect and engage with your customers each month. Below are promotional ideas for next month or two. Simply choose what you’d like to promote and contact us to get started. May Events: • Fri 5/1: Nat’l Loyalty Day • Sat 5/2: Nat’l Fitness Day • Mon 5/4: Nat’l Hoagie Day [Read More…]

Let Automation do the Heavy Lifting

There are some emails, like a welcome email for new subscribers, that will never be well-timed if you’re sending them manually. Enter Automation. Build a trigger-based marketing strategy, that allows you to efficiently set up mailings that react to your audience’s activity. Learn how to deliver mailings when they’re most relevant for your subscribers (while [Read More…]

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