Best Tips for Push Notifications

Our Five Best Tips for Push Notifications

A Responsys marketing survey on push technology showed that 68% of consumers enable push notifications. The same study concluded that nearly 80% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 have enabled push notifications. That’s a huge marketing pool. If you’re not taking advantage of push technology, you may be missing a great opportunity to reach your audience.

Below find 5 best practices for push messaging. Also read

Our 5 Best Practices:

  1. Don’t spam your customers and make sure the messages are valuable

    Push notifications should be engaging, entertaining and fresh. This can be accomplished by only sending messages that are relevant to your audience. If the messages are not useful or interesting, the push notification will be viewed as an interruption or annoyance. Make sure it’s worth it, or users may turn off the notification.

  1. Flash specials of offers

    Your customers should look forward to receiving your notifications. So be creative with your specials and offers and make them interesting! For example, Green Life Spa wanted to drive business on a snow day. They used push notifications to push out a Snow Day Special to drive customers into the spa.

  1. Maintain Brand Consistency

    It’s important to keep a uniform voice. Push messages should augment other marketing channels. Keeping the voice consistent with your brand will enhance the user experience. For example, a Mexican restaurant named El sol Azteca ran a St. Patty’s day push messaging campaign that featured “San Patricio’s Green Margarita’s.” They did a great job of integrating the theme of the restaurant into a non-traditional holiday.

  1. Promote your Rewards Cards

    Apps that feature electronic punch cards increase customer loyalty and brand visibility. Using Push Notifications to remind users of your rewards program can help increase adoption of loyalty program. Western Sizzlin is one brand that provides incentives to frequent customers. One punch given for every $10 spent in their restaurant. Seven punches equal $7 off a customer’s next purchase. Push notifications are a great way to remind users that this functionality exists to incentivize  your customers to come in for additional visits.

  1. Control your timing

    Users of a restaurant’s app that does most of their business at lunchtime do not want to receive a push notification at 1 in the morning. Remember that push notifications are generally paired with a corresponding sound and vibration. Pay attention to when you’re sending a push notification and schedule your push notifications accordingly.

    In  Marketing Land’s recent article they discuss the importance of   a  unique, smart, and wisely timed push message to achieve  maximum user engagement.

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