Let’s Plan Your Dec/Jan 2022 Campaign!


The upcoming months can be the most impactful months of the year for your business! We encourage you to work ahead with your coach on your holiday campaign(s) to ensure the most successful and stress free holiday season.

Please note that due to increased holiday production, we do require a minimum of 5-7 business days’ notice for all requests.

Let’s Plan Your Next Campaign!

December Events:
• Thurs 12/1: Pie Day
• Sun 12/11: App Day
• Sun 12/18: Hanukkah
• Wed 12/21: First Day of Winter
• Sat 12/24: Christmas Eve
• Sun 12/25: Christmas Day
• Fri 12/30: Bacon Day
• Sat 12/31: New Year’s Eve

January Events:
• Sun 1/1: New Year’s Day
• Sun 1/8: Winter Skin Relief Day
• Mon 1/16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
• Thurs 1/19: Get To Know Your Customers Day
• Sat 1/21: Use Your Gift Card Day

Seasonal Ideas:
• Winter Themed Promotions
• Winter Prep
• Football
• Holiday Countdown
• Holiday Hours
• Holiday Specials
• Gift Cards
• Catering
• New Year’s Savings

Live Examples:

• Pie Day (Dining)*
• App Day (Dining)*
• Hannukah (Dining)*
• First Day of Winter (Fun)*
• Christmas Day (Dining)*
• Bacon Day (Dining)
• New Year’s Eve (Dining)*

• New Year’s (Dining)*
• Winter Skin Relief (Salon/Spa)*
• Get To Know Your Customers (Salon/Spa)

Seasonal Ideas:
• Winter Prep (Home)
• Football (Dining)*
• Holiday Countdown (Dining)*
• Holiday Countdown (Services)*
• Holiday Hours (Dining)
• Holiday Specials (Salon/Spa)*
• Holiday Specials (Salon/Spa)*
• Gift Cards (Dining)*
• Catering (Dining)*
• Catering (Dining)*
• New Year’s Savings (Retail)*

*Indicates a custom designed email campaign – If you are interested in upgrading to a custom email program, please contact your account manager.

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