Postcard Marketing for Restaurants

In a world of Facebook ads and influencer marketing, do postcards still work for business? The answer is – absolutely. Postcard marketing campaigns can allow you to reach your customers and drive in-store and online orders. Reaching nearby neighborhoods with postcards is a great way to drive transactions, and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

Where to Send a Postcard Marketing Campaign

When you see the term “target market” it can seem a bit overwhelming. The truth is that postcard campaigns for businesses work well when you target neighborhoods that are directly around your restaurant’s locations.

  • Send postcards to neighborhoods 2 — 5 miles around your locations.
  • Pay attention to median income, household value, and average age when targeting your mailing routes.
  • Think about the neighborhoods that your customers live in.
  • Use online ordering and delivery data to see where past orders have come from.

Companies like Cardigent make it easy to send postcard marketing campaigns to specific geographies. All of the impact your postcard will have can be amplified by making sure that your campaign is reaching the right areas.

Why does it matter?

Utilizing information about your target market and sending material to the right people can have a huge impact on your business. For example, restaurant owners who want to promote their delivery services can advertise to people within their area. Additionally, sending direct mail to your target customers leaves a good impression on the recipients. This is a great way to build brand authority.

Designing a Postcard Marketing Campaign: Outlined below are 4 key aspects  of effective postcard marketing campaigns.

  1. Be Bold

Think about when you check your own mail. What happens when you open the mailbox? Most of the mail that isn’t a bill probably gets tossed. However, postcards are more likely to survive because they don’t come in a standard envelope. They are more unique than anything else that comes through the post. Use this to your advantage. Use images that will captivate your customers. Choose attractive colors and large text. Consider what will draw the eyes of the people you want attention from.

  1. Branding

You want to start creating brand recognition within the areas you mail your campaign to. This helps your business grow and makes you stand out. When possible, use less text and focus on including colorful images of food that highlight your cuisine and style. Check out these postcard marketing examples for restaurants.

  1. Add a Captivating Offer

Your postcard shouldn’t just be an advertisement. If you want to attract customers, make an offer or add a coupon to your campaign. Even a small discount or promotion can result in a big turn out. Remember to include a clearly printed expiration date on the offer if you go this route. You want to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Call to action

You made an offer, now it’s time to take your campaign to the next level. Giving customers an offer to come in is great, but you really need to drive it home. A smart and loud call to action is the key to seeing this type of campaign convert. Be sure to use unique promo codes or identifiers on each postcard so you can identify how much revenue was generated from the campaign.

List of Postcard Marketing Companies

  • Vista Print: Send as little as 250 postcards for 40 — 60 cents a postcard.
  • Cardigent: Requires at least 5,000 postcards, but they’re likely the best value on the internet. Each campaign includes design, printing, and mailing for 19 cents a postcard.
  • Every Door Direct Mail: You can send bulk mail by the carrier route at a affordable rate. This solution requires you to design your postcard and bring them to the post office to be sent.
  • Cactus Mailing: Their direct mail packages start at about $825 and their team handles most of the campaign’s elements.

Postcards are extremely effective. When it comes to direct mail marketing, a great looking postcard that pops is the way to go to see campaign success.

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