The Quick and Easy Guide for Updating Your Online Listings

If you’re reading this, you probably have listings in several places for your restaurant. Great job! You’re well on your way to fully optimizing your restaurant’s marketing reach. If you’re not online already, what are you waiting for? The evidence is strong in favor getting your restaurant online; the Restaurant Industry Forecast found that 53 percent of adult diners would likely place their orders online if given the option. That preference hasn’t gone away.

Now it’s time to explore how to update your online listings. What value does it bring to your business if your information isn’t current? Not much!

We can’t go over how to update your listing for all services, so we’ll go over the major ones. The good news is that several of these are free to use.

Google My Business

Google tools are incredibly versatile; your listing on Google My Business can display items such as hours of operation, busy times, contact info, and photos. To update your listing, you’ll want to begin by logging into Google My Business. Make sure you are in the card view by clicking the Card icon. Chose the listing you want to update and click Info.

Next, click the section you want to update and enter the new information. Click Apply, and that’s it! It’s important to note that it may take up to 60 days to delete information you have previously added.


Bing Places works very similar to Google My Business. Begin by signing in to your Bing Places account. Next, you’ll go the the Manage Your Listings tab. Once you update the new information, it will need to be verified. Similar to Google My Business, there is a waiting period before the updated information appears on your listing.


Yelp’s Online Ordering, Eat24, doesn’t allow as much control as Bing Places and Google My Business. If you want to make any updates to your Yelp Page, you will have to call and speak with an Eat24 Specialist. Instead of making change requests and waiting on verification with Bing Places and Google My Business, you have to manage your changes on the phone. And let’s be honest, sometimes even phone communication can lead to miscommunication.


Updating your listing on TripAdvisor is very similar to Google My Business and Bing Places. Any updates you need to make can be done in the Management Center by clicking Profile in the top menu and then selecting Manage Listing. From this setting, you can update or add information. Unlike Google My Business and Bing Places, your updates will override existing content.


Wait, Facebook? Yes, the social media pioneer entered into the Online Ordering market late in 2016. Similar to Google, Bing, and TripAdvisor, you can update your information once you claim your page. However, Facebook will only be an option for you if you use or Slice. Those are the two third-party systems that Facebook supports.

Once you are logged in to Facebook, navigate to your restaurant’s page. Once on your page, click Edit Page and Update Public Info. Like TripAdvisor, the updates to your page will be instant.

There are so many options to get your online presence built and thriving. And a majority of the sites listed here are free to use. So get going and update your information!

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