Utilize your Loyalty Features!

Loyalty Programs are ranked one of 4 Technology Must-Haves to Improve Your Business by Restaurant Technology News and they come at no additional cost within your TLS App & Email program(s).

TLS App Rewards: Reward your loyal customers by offering digital punch cards. Customers keep tabs on their phones, so having rewards from your business at their fingertips is a no-brainer. Reporting keeps you up to date on customer usage and Push Notifications keep your customers engaged wherever they are!

TLS Email Rewards: Help your customers feel valued by offering them a special treat on their big day. With built in birthday and anniversary automations, you can reward your loyal customers without even lifting a finger.

5 Tips for Success (By Software Advice)

1. Keep it Simple: keeping it easy to earn points is what will keep customers engaged
2. Keep it Universal: customers should earn their way towards a reward with each and every visit
3. Keep it General: keep the reward open for customer choice, ie; $ off a general purchase instead of forcing a specific item on them
4. Add a Personal Touch: customers value a personalized experience like preferential treatment of a free meal on their birthday
5. Get your Staff Excited: train them to be confident in talking to customers about the benefits and encourage customer use

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