3 Tips to Make your Mobile App Successful

Want valuable long-term relationships with your customers? We’ve outlined the tools you need to let your customers know how special they are to you, and you’ll bring them back again, and again.

Follow these 3 tips to keep and grow your loyal customer base.

1. Re-kindle their hearts! Send push notifications.

Your new App user is a lot like a new relationship. Keep that relationship strong, or re-kindle one before it slips away – with push notifications! Read  How to send a push notification.

Apps offer the ability to reach and engage users no matter where they are, and According to Localytics92% of users plan to use more apps in the future.”

Keeping Your Customers Engaged

What do you actually say in your push message?

  • The idea is to stand out as much as possible. Your customers receive notifications from many different Apps. Make them notice yours.
  • Do a search for “National Pizza Day”, or search for Weird facts.
  • Check out our library of offers for helpful ideas.
  • Be funny.

How much is too much?

  • How often you send a push depends on many factors like if you send the same message repeatedly. It will become like wallpaper to your reader so use it sparingly.
  • As a rule, send a minimum of one push a month, but no more than one per week.

2. Pair your Push with Email

According to Localytics, if someone is engaged enough with your brand to subscribe to your emails, then there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in your app too. Read 6 Steps for creating and sending an email.

  • Tell your email subscribers about your App and encourage them to download it. 48% of all emails are read on a smartphone or tablet. Use it to drive more App downloads.
  • Then give your customers what they want. They will love you and keep coming back for the in App coupons and specials you create just for them, your loyal customers.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote

a. Promote  In-Store

  • Make sure your customers know about your App, and why they need it.
  • Get your staff excited and encourage every customer to take advantage of your offer for downloading your App.
  • Display your promotional materials prominently

b. Promote Online:

  • Promoting your App online is an easy way to draw attention to it, and also aligns with your overall banding.
  • Make your App a prominent feature on your homepage, especially upon launch or key feature updates.

c . Social Promotion:

  • Your social media promotion needs to be ongoing to be truly effective. Having an ongoing social strategy is the best way to increase awareness and downloads and ensures your customers realize your App is a core piece of your business.

Tap into all the benefits your App has to offer you. Use the above App promotion tips to ensure your App downloads and loyal customer base continues to grow.


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