Create App and Email Excitement

4 Ways to Create App and Email Excitement

Last time we discussed our 5 best tips for using push notification. Below are listed ways to keep your push notifications  and email messages exciting. You want your customers to keep your App on their smart-phones, and look forward to your emails. To do this it’s important to keep your content fresh. Below are  4 ways to create App and email excitement.

1. Change or Rotate Your Emails Offers Monthly

  • Add a POP of excitement to your brand essence. Find at least 1 thing to say in the body of your email in addition to the offer itself. What’s happening, what do your customers care about?
  • Example:
    “Bring your friends and cheer on your team in front of our 60 inch TV”
    “Introducing our new hot and spicy appetizers available during Happy Hour.”


2. Create A  2-Punch Day

  • Create an email and push message mentioning a limited time offer to get 2 punches on their Mobile App Reward Cards. This will encourage customers to come into your establishment. Think “Starbucks Rewards”; they frequently use this marketing technique.
  • Then, backup your email by sending a push notification with the same message.

3. Everyone Loves Specials

  • The “Specials” section of your mobile App program can be used to highlight special features and offers of your business.
  • Consider sending out an occasional Push Notification  or email to remind customers of existing specials or any new ones  you are offering.
  • Or, send a push message offering a limited time special good til 5pm.

4. Events Really Add to The Fun

In addition to menu specials for a restaurant, use the Events area to highlight other offers such as Happy Hour, Karaoke or Trivia Nights.


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