TLS Announces Online Ordering Partnership

In 2014 we founded  Total Loyalty Solutions to help merchants build and grow relationships with customers. Our custom app and email marketing products have been used by thousands of merchants to bring customers back for additional visits. We’re excited to announce a partnership that will bring a powerful online and mobile ordering solution to restaurants.

Total Loyalty Solutions and Menufy are pleased to announce the immediate availability of e-commerce capabilities for restaurants. The integration of Menufy technology enables users  to interactively browse a digital food menu, to place delivery or carryout orders, and to pay online or in cash.  This partnership  empowers restaurants with a turnkey way to add online ordering to their websites and mobile app. For restaurants, online ordering increases the number of takeout orders and raises the average check price. Brian McCaffrey, founder of Mint Magazine and Vice President of Total Loyalty Solutions, explains:

“Adding online ordering to a mobile app is a great way for restaurants to offer convenience to customers and increase the frequency and value of transactions.” Brian continues, “The efficiency and simplicity of online ordering through a mobile app makes a person more likely to make an order and come back for more.”

Founded in 2009 by a team of restaurant operators, software engineers, and digital marketers, Menufy currently serves restaurants in over 240 cities across 35 states and is expanding. It has thrived on its commitments:

  1. To restaurants: by driving new and repeat business through a rapidly deployable custom-branded website while automating order taking at competitively low costs.
  2. To customers: by providing the ultimate online ordering experience through user-friendly interfaces and a streamlined checkout process.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to market our software to restaurants affiliated with Total Loyalty Solutions. This collaboration is representative of both of our companies’ missions of getting more restaurants into the devices that face hungry customers.”  –Sharmil Desai, Menufy CEO

Restaurants will be able to add online ordering capability to their websites and apps with no upfront costs. Each restaurant  will be charged a $1.25 transaction fee and an additional 2.5% + 30 cent fee for credit card orders. Restaurants can choose to pass along the $1.25   transactional fee to  customers.

Get in touch with your Total Loyalty Coach to activate online ordering in your mobile app and receive a free custom website and a free directory listing in the Menufy restaurant search portal.

Add Online Ordering to your App or Website today

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