Online Ordering Raises Average Order Value

Online Ordering Raises Average Order Value

Are you considering offering online ordering to your customers? Don’t wait any longer. According to Fast Company, online ordering increases average order totals, which will increase your revenue.

83% of customers order more often with mobile apps over phone calls,  and the average order size is 32% more.    In comparison, ordering over the phone makes customers feel rushed and leads to smaller order sizes. Bigger orders mean more revenue for your business. In fact, Eat24’s chief marketing officer Amir Eisenstein states,

“The difference between online ordering and offline is that most restaurants tell us orders are bigger and higher.”

Online ordering gives customers the chance to look through the entire menu. They can take their time, look at pictures, and compare choices. This leads to increased customer satisfaction. It also makes customers more likely to try different items, especially more expensive ones.

Here’s a quick rundown on online ordering and how you can use it to boost sales:  Foods specials in a mobile app

Online ordering increases accuracy.

When a customer inputs  his/her own  order, it’s less likely that a mistake will occur. This increases accuracy of orders, which will boost customer satisfaction. It will also increase productivity since your employees will spend less time fixing mistakes and redoing orders.

Show customers items they didn’t know about.

Ordering through an app or on a touchscreen allows you to showcase products that won’t fit on your menu. You can also provide customers with full pictures and descriptions of items that they otherwise wouldn’t have. This encourages impulse buying. For example, if you own a coffee shop you can show customers options such as espresso shots and syrups, which makes upselling easy.

New customers will take a chance.

New customers will take a chance on your business if you provide online ordering. Customers typically look at a menu of a restaurant they’ve never been to. If you don’t have a way to showcase your menu for potential customers, they are less likely to try your restaurant. When you have an app or website, you can show pictures of menu items, give full descriptions and prices, and tell customers about specials. You also increase the likelihood of a new customer buying on impulse.  According to Domino’s, 40% of their orders are  placed  online.

Online ordering is a great way to make your customers happy, attract new customers, and increase your sales.


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