Turn New Customers into Regulars

5 Steps to Turn New Customers into Regulars

How do you turn a first-time customer into a long-term regular? Besides wowing them with your primavera or knocking their socks off with your wine list, engaging and capturing a new customer can be accomplished by using a big net made up of these five key facets:

  1. Your staff is your business When hiring, you should be searching for someone who “fits” your organization, whose values and personality complement the culture of your business. Outgoing, personable staff will help sell your product in a way that a thousand table tents can’t — they engage the customer, give a friendly vibe and a warm smile, plus add fun small talk (when appropriate) while also steering their customers to the dinner specials, the cocktail menu, and your Total Loyalty Solutions Mobile App.
  2. Show, tell, tantalize When you and your staff tell customers about your TLS Mobile App, be sure to tell them about all the benefits that await them there: they’ll get notifications about specials, upcoming events and new menu items, plus they can take advantage of your Rewards Card with frequent visits. Adding coupons to your App makes it so easy for customers to redeem them while sending your sales higher.
  3. Well, isn’t that special? Specials add flair, spice and excitement to your customers’ visits. Seasonal dishes, one-time discounts and BOGOs will bring in the curious and those who love a good deal. But, they have to know these specials are happening to draw them in. With a TLS Mobile App, you can send notifications to all your followers’ phones telling them about dinner specials, amazing offers and special events happening at your business.
  4. Take note Listen to customers who have ideas or requests. Is the music too loud? Back room too cold? Would they like an extra pat of butter on the baked potato? Little improvements go a long way to satisfying your customers, and if they see their idea implemented, they’ll feel more attached to your business and more likely to bring their friends to their new “regular” hangout spot.
  5. VIP treatment Everyone wants to feel like a big shot, but more so when celebrating a birthday, anniversary, family gathering or work event. Show a little extra love by offering a private banquet room for parties, a special menu tailored to the customers’ preferences, or even schedule their favorite server to work the event. The more accepted and desired they feel, the more they’ll spend, the more they’ll visit, and the more likely they’ll respond with their undying loyalty to your business.

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