Total Loyalty Announces New Location Selector

Every day we’re working towards enabling marketers to do more with their mobile apps. In response to increased demand from businesses with multiple locations, we’re excited to announce an enhancement to our mobile app builder.

Introducing Total Loyalty’s New Store, Restaurant or Location Finder

App That's Found a Closer LocationTotal Loyalty will be releasing a new location picker for apps with more than one location. The new module introduces an intuitive map view that displays all of a merchant’s locations. This makes it easier to find  and pick a location.

Users who download apps for the first time will receive a prompt to select their location. They’ll be able to view the location closest to them and search by city name or address to discover other locations. Existing users can change their location and select a different one on the map.

Do you have customers that travel away from their home location? We’ll automatically suggest locations that are closer to them.

“We’ve been working to empower merchants with hundreds of locations to connect with consumers on a local level”, comments Marlene Lipe, a Senior Mobile Marketing Coach for Enterprises.

Total Loyalty’s custom apps make  it simple to promote specials, rewards, and offers targeted to specific locations. Contact our coaching team at with any questions.

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