Why Having a TLS Coach is Great

Why Having a TLS Coach is Great

Small business owners are some of the busiest people in the world. In fact, a  recent survey by eVoice indicates SMBs viewed time as more valuable and important than a computer or cellphone. The same study also commented that the most important challenges small businesses face include “keeping up with technology changes and being more mobile.” That’s why our TLS Coaching Team is available to help with Total Loyalty Solutions’ Email-On-Demand or Mobile App products.

The TLS Coaching Team provides assistance and advice to help merchants grow their business, engage clients and create successful marketing strategies. They are experts in digital and mobile marketing initiatives, using their experience, creativity and knowledge of up-to-date trends to help merchants stay ahead of the competition. Coaches help with tips from how to  collect email addresses to how to  leverage push notifications for special offers.

Each Total Loyalty Solutions program comes with four ways to talk to a Coach and get the help you need:

Todd’s Frozen Yogurt uses TLS’s custom Mobile App to promote their full-service yogurt and coffee house in Louisiana.  Todd’s team states, “Total Loyalty Solutions’ Coaching Team has been great with helping me promote my app. They provided me with the tools I need to promote online, in the store and at events. My Coach shows a great interest in our success and sends ideas and reminders tailored to my business that we can use in the app to get our customers coming in more frequently!”

Liam Oliver, Total Loyalty Solutions’ Product Manager, explains, “The greatest responsibility our Coaching Team has is to ensure each one of our merchants is successful.” Liam continues, “Through superior coaching we can make a positive impact on businesses and help them build loyal customers that return for additional visits each month.”

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of email marketing or custom apps but don’t know where to begin,  reach out to one of Total Loyalty Solutions’ Coaches  to get started today.

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