Tips to Growing your Loyal Customer Base

4 Tips to Growing your Loyal Customer Base

Your App program is off to a great start! Now it’s time to focus on growing your customer list. Below are listed  some tips that will help you in growing your loyal customer base.

1. Word of mouth – a powerful tool

In addition to displaying your promotional materials word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools for engaging new customers, and there’s nothing like digital word of mouth to fast-track your company’s reputation.

  • In your emails include links to your facebook and website so your customers can share content with friends.
  • Keep your staff excited. Your excited staff engaging customers is one of your most powerful tools.

2. Give your regulars something to talk about

Communicate with your customers with email specials, coupons and push notifications.



And if you’re worried about annoying your subscribers, don’t! You have their permission. Go for it!

3. Build your email list

  • If you are participating in our Email On Demand (EOD) email program, be sure to display your email collection box prominently for your customers to see.
  • Encourage your staff to hand out a signup form to each guest.
  • Create a signup form on your website and facebook to join your email list. Your Coach will provide you with the necessary coding.

4. Get one-on-one expert assistance

Your Total Loyalty coach will provide one-on-one assistance and advice to help you engage your customers and create successful marketing strategies. An expert in digital and mobile marketing initiatives, your coach will use experience, creativity and knowledge of up-to-date trends to help you grow program.

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