6 Steps to Effectively Transition to a New Loyalty Program

What’s the best way to let your customers know that you’re getting rid of your old loyalty program?

Easy: Get them excited about your new one!

By providing customers with an opportunity to redeem their old rewards while reminding them that they’ll be getting even more by downloading your new mobile app; it’s easy to transition existing customers to your improved loyalty program and increase engagement even further.     

Of course, you will want to give customers enough notice about the change. We recommend at least 30 days, (which will line up nicely with the development of your new App).

When customers come in to redeem their current rewards, use that opportunity to give them more information about your new App (easier to use, better coupons and rewards, better online ordering, etc.)

Provide an incentive for downloading your App as soon as it’s launched. If you’re also using our Email marketing services, offer to send them an email with a direct link to the Google Play and Apple stores.

Here is a 6-step technique that many of the business that work with us have used to transition customers from their old loyalty/rewards programs to their  improved mobile loyalty  App:

1. Choose a date 4-6 weeks out from your expected roll out of your new Loyalty App to begin informing customers about the upcoming change.

2. Provide details to your staff to let existing customers know about the upgrade that you’re making to your loyalty program.

3. Notify customers of the upcoming change — get them excited about a better loyalty program that makes it easier to redeem offers, order online, and be notified of all of your current promotions.

4. Collect emails from customers who want to be notified when your App is live in Google Play and Apple stores.

5. Display the in-store marketing collateral that will be sent to you from Total Loyalty to advertise the features of your new App.

6. Incentivize customers even further by pairing the launch of your new app with a promotion.

Business owners are often hesitant to mention any change to their existing customers, but there’s no need to be when the customers only stand to benefit — and they’re not the only ones. A loyalty program  that allows both businesses and customers to benefit significantly strengthens relationships.

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